STS-134 Embroidered Patch


The official embroidered mission patch for space shuttle flight STS-134.

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The design of the STS-134 crew patch highlights research on the International Space Station focusing on the fundamental physics of the universe. On this mission, the crew of Space Shuttle Endeavour will install the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) experiment – a cosmic particle detector that utilizes the first ever superconducting magnet to be flown in space.

The shape of the patch is inspired by the international atomic symbol, and represents the atom with orbiting electrons around the nucleus. The burst near the center refers to the big-bang theory and the origin of the universe. The Space Shuttle Endeavour and ISS fly together into the sunrise over the limb of Earth, representing the dawn of a new age, understanding the nature of the universe.

Measures approx. 10 cm (4-inches) across.

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